Topic: Sunday Casual Ride - 1-13-13

Hi everyone,
This Sunday looks to be good weather to ride in. We will leave the Farmers Market at 1:30 and will do the 31 mile route for the faster riders and the 26 mile route for the casual group. Look to average 17-20 mph with the faster group and 14.5 mph with the casual group. I have included the route sheet for the faster group, but the casual group will be a no drop, therefore, no cue sheet needed.


31 mile route

R- Sandy Ridge rd
L- Endicott
L- Lakedale/ becomes Adkins
R- Boyston
L- S. Bunker Hill
R- Sandy Rdg-Bunker Hill
R- Hwy 66
L- Old Salem
R- Watkins Ford
L- Old High Point Rd
R- Abbotts Creek
R- Mock Rd
L- Old Greensboro
L- Walburg-High Point Rd
R- Hornytown Rd/ Becomes 66
R- Payne Rd
L- Squire Davis
R- Sandy rdg-Bunker Hill rd
L- Sandy Rdg Rd


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